Danial Thom wrote:
 The intel cards that use the EM driver are the
best performing cards in FreeBSD that we've
tested. We've test cards made by the same company
that use the broadcom controllers and the intel
cards are substantially better (ie use less CPU
passing the same amount of traffic).
Be careful using on-board controllers. Usually
vendors, for some reason, don't wire them to the
pci-x bus. Most supermicro boards wire the em
controllers to the 32bit/33mhz bus and the tyan
and supermicro opteron boards we've tested wire
the broadcoms to a shared 1x PCI-E, both of which
will not only give you poor performance, but are
not capable of running full gigabit rates.


The Intel card would be an INTEL Pro1000MF, right? This would be quite
expensive (~ EUR 430), but good performance and stability would warrant
ATM, we are using the onboard controller (Broadcom BCM5704C wired to the
pci-x bus). I did not have opportunity to do performance measurements,
but we do have problems with our Linkpro 1000SX/1000TX converters, the
3rd of which has already died.
That's why i want to give a PCI-X card with fiber interface a try.

The 3com 996-SX is somewhat cheaper, does anyone have experience with
that one?

Thanks for all your replies :-)


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