Derrick Ryalls wrote:

My silly system ... Using 4.6 RELEASE, 1.1G Athlon ABit KT7A VIA chipset - running FVCool permanently in idle mode to maintain CPU cool temperature. The really silly bit is ...

I don't switch off every day, but I have noticed that, on restart, loading sometimes waits "for ever" at "installing standard daemons" sendmail. Last night the wait was 2 full minutes, and the effect was for me not to be able to get X and worse - "getty repeating too fast - sleeping for 30 seconds" During that sleep, I could work from the console normally, but then the screen blanked and fluttered for several seconds before the sleeping phase was again reimposed.

This morning - not expecting too much - I switched on and this time loading swept past sendmail without delay and everything is working normally again.

I do not propose to switch off for some time. :-)

Q1. Can anyone suggest any explanation for the sendmail-wait problem and subsequent horrors?
Q2. I am cvsupping and ready to update to the latest stable. Is this sound, and is it in any way likely to resolve my problem with v 4.6 RELEASE?

My experience is that if your network goes down or DNS cannot easily
resolve your name, sendmail will pause for a bit.  I believe installing
a caching(sp) name server on the box will probably help out.  I cannot
remember the command to install it, so check the archives, but it is
really simple.

Michael K. Smith wrote:

Whenever I see that hang on sendmail it is due to a network failure. Usually the machine cannot contact its IP default gateway.

Thanks, guys - but why would this be an intermittent problem? And - why would it affect my access to X? The Good Lord knows what was going on last night with the repeating getty! :-)

Everything is just fine, now - my real problem is how can I keep it that way? That of course requires my identifying the cause.
One clue - I recently went broadband with an ADSL modem and that modem is set up as my default gateway. It is a Netcomm NB1300.

That caching name server idea sounds good. I will have a search on FBSD org for that. That still wouldn't identify the cause, though. :-(


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