Colin Percival wrote:
horn wrote:
Whether it will be installed FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE and whether after will work
on a computer:
Proc: Pentium 75 MHz
Menory: 16 MB RAM
HDD: 1.2 Gb ?

Not unless you do build a custom kernel first.  I couldn't get FreeBSD 5.4 to
boot a GENERIC kernel on a system with 16 MB of RAM (until I added another 16
MB), and FreeBSD 6.1 will need at least as much.

Colin Percival

You'll need at least 24 MB of RAM, according to:

  1.2 Hardware Requirements

   FreeBSD for the i386 requires a 486 or better processor and at
   least 24 MB of RAM. You will need at least 150MB of free hard
   drive space for the most minimal installation. See below for ways
   of shrinking existing DOS partitions in order to install FreeBSD.

I remember seeing a little discussion of this on the lists earlier.

Kevin Kinsey

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