Erik Nørgaard wrote:
>> For clarity, I'm attaching my install.cfg to see if anybody can figure
>> out why it's not installing a kernel.  To work around this, I think
>> I'm going to make a pkg of my kernel and install it along with the
>> rest of the packages.
> Workarounds are ok, but I think that everyone would benefit from the
> correct solution, if this new dist breaks the jumpstart installation
> then a pr should be filed.

A better workaround may be to choose the minimal installation, since
this should be the absolute barebone install.

There are two things you can do:

* check the source to figure out what minimal install selects and select
that in your customDist.


* select and installCommit first the minimal install, then select and
install commit your custom dist. Yes, it's a waste if some things are
overwritten, but it should work.

If minimal install doesn't work, then you've found a serious bug in the
new sysinstall.

Cheers, Erik
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