On Fri, Jun 02, 2006 at 10:03:55PM +0200, Erik Nørgaard wrote:
> Maybe I did not make myself clear, my idea is that if you disable the
> installCommit you will get back to the interactive sysinstall and you
> can run over the menus to see if things are actually set as you want.

Ah, I did not understand your suggestion.  Thanks for the clarification.

Going through the source the dist seems to be named "kernels", which
matches the directory name on the ftp server.  

As per your suggestion, I selected the minimial install via my
install.cfg, and it did install a kernel.  So something appears to
be broken about manually making a custom dist and selecting
the kernels package.  I will investigate further and file a PR.

 - Lamont
"I am not an atomic playboy."
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