>> Can a user have more than one system mailbox?
>> E. g., some ISP provides the next service: a client can make any number of
>> mailboxes for himself using web interface.
>> Almost all ISP are using UNIX.
>> So, how they do this?
>> Does that web interface create a new system user every time
>> I create a new mailbox?
>> I have sendmail 8.13.6 on FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE.

Sorry, I missed OP. 1st: I doubt ISP's relies on unix accounts for mail.
Rather they likely have clients in an ldap directory and mail on some
database backend storage.

2nd: You can create an extra mailbox by adding a line to /etc/mail/aliases:

  mailbox_name:    /path/to/mailbox_name

then run newaliases. To let a user access the mailbox you need to set
filepermissions accordingly.

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