> This is not going to work.  Don't reinstall without a good reason.
> What's more, it's pretty clear that you're looking in the wrong
> place.  I've looked at your original message and you say you're using
> the server to connect to your local client.  That's wrong.  It looks
> as if exceed is a client (I've never heard of it), and it's not
> connecting to your local server (display).  Reinstalling X remotely is
> obviously not going to do anything.

Exceed is the server, XFree86 is running the client. XFree86 is running on
my FreeBSD box, Exceed is running on my windows box.

> I may be misunderstanding; there's a lot of confusion here.  Can you
> clarify:
> - Which machines are running X?

My FreeBSD server (eldar)

> - On which machine(e) did you reinstall X?

on eldar

> - Which X client are you talking about?

the eldar is the X client

> - What is exceed?

Exceed is a X server to be used in windows

> - Can you run X normally on your local machine?

it used to work until i lost my dhcp lease and since then it doesn't work

The reason i'm looking at the freebsd machine, is because it doesn't work
on both my workstation (which i was using at the time of the dhcp
incident) and on my laptop which i wasn't using at that time. Since the
dhcp incident the Xserver never gives a login prompt, but it does pop up
the chooser.

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