Thanks for your advice.

Almost all pages will be generated dynamically (php).

Bandwidth is ADSL with 1Mb Upstream and 24Mb Downstream.
(Don't know if it is enough?)

Traffic is like going to grow upto 50000 hits or more a day. Since I am
building an article liberary.

How can I implement Apache Proxy or Squid Proxy?

How can I make the server more robust?

Looking forward for your comments...


On 6/3/06, Erik Nørgaard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Maan Jee wrote:
> Hello friends and fellows
> Today, I wanna have some hardware advice:
> I wanna build A super duper FreeBSD Web Server Box with apache2, mysql5,
> php, etc.
> But I am just unsure about what kind of hardware I should buy since I am
> not
> having a big budget but do have a reasonable....
> There gonna be many database queries load fetching data from
> What kind of Hardware I should buy?
> 1. Motherboad?
> 2. Processor?
> 3. RAM?
> (What kind of and how much should be reasonable enough)
> 4. Storage System?
> I am looking for a solution with very reasonable cost and best
> :o)

How much traffic will you serve?

This is also limited by the bandwidth you have - if you have an adsl
connection usually downstream is higher than up stream, but serving
pages go mostly upstream.

How much work will the server do to generate pages?

If everything is dynamic and you have a badly coded site it costs. You
can get much efficiency with good code and/or apache proxy, or a squid

I bought a mini-itx with 1Ghz Via chip and 256MB ram, 60GB IDE disk.
Should I buy a new system today I would go for a fanless slower version.

It serves just fine, not only web pages but also mail, database, ldap,
dns, dhcp, imap as well as being firewall/router for the local network.
It seems that most resources are consumed by the smtp server blocking

It's also reasonable cheap, around 400 euros, and consumes only around

Cheers, Erik
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BR / mj
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