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>> > but I'm
>> >generally of
>> >the opinion that FreeBSD works just fine, most of the time, on
>> >most hardware,
>> >without any specific tweaking or tuning to be entirely usable.
>> >
>> It does not.  In reality, current versions of FreeBSD work better
>> on current versions of hardware.  FreeBSD has a terrible history
>> of breaking things that used to work on old hardware, then
>> when someone complains that something is broken, the developers
>> in effect tell them their old hardware is crappy junk and to buy new
>> hardware.
>> Try running FreeBSD 6.X on a 80486 or Pentium system.
>FreeBSD 6.x works just fine on a Pentium system, as long as you
>have enough

Most Pentium 60's and Pentium 133's shipped from the factory with no
more than 32MB of ram.  That's only enough to load FreeBSD itself, not
any applications.  I'm not talking your souped up Pentium 200 with 128MB
of ram in it.  But, even those will roll over and die if you try to bring
a desktop like gnome or KDE on them.  Way way too slow.


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