On Jun 4, 2006, at 12:58 PM, Tsu-Fan Cheng wrote:

Hi, thank you guys so much for the answer, I use mount_ntfs and now
it's okay. But.. I want to move a file from freebsd disk to xp disk,
as root. i cd to where I want to file to go e.g. /mnt/My
Doument.../here, then run mv /path/to/file .
it gives: ./xxx no such file or directory

?? what now??

p.s. i tried copy and it's the same..

many thanks!!


Welcome to the wonderful world of sharing a partition between 2 OSes. Basically, the only filesystem you can use for sharing data read/ write between Windows and Unix is FAT32. It's just that Windows doesn't really have any promising read/write capable drivers (there's an ext2/3 driver, but that still is kind of iffy), and Unix doesn't have true NTFS write support (Linux is the closest to having true NTFS write support, IIRC). So, that leaves you with FAT32, which can only be created in 32GB partitions, because of the file data size limitations (32 bit ints I believe?). Good luck, and if you need to resize some Windows partitions look into partition magic.
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