Hi there.
Although I am new to BSD I am not new to UNIX. I have extensive experience in 
SCO UNIX, DEC, SunOs And V.iv.
I am a Systems Engineer specializing in OS Suppot and Commercial Systems 
Development. I do all my development in Cobol - lately about 20% in Microfocus 
Level II and 80% using ACUCobol GT, with the workbench.
I am not too much concerned about Microfocus Cobol - am think it will run on 
BSD maybe with a little help).
However, I am unsure about AcuCobol, using the Vision filesystem. It runs on 
Linux but I am not a Linux-disciple.
I therefor would like to know (a) whther AcuCobol would run on BSD and (2) 
whether backward-reading (READ PREVIOUS) would work on BSD?
Regards and keep up the good work.

Thomas P. van Graan
U-Solve Systems
Mobile: +27 72 1 87 87 91
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