Chris Maness wrote:

Interesting.  Does "dmesg -a" show anything different?

Yes, it does, but why would it not show anything without the flag right after a reboot? Wierd. I almost suspect hard drive issues.

OK, THAT does not seem normal. Sorry, didn't catch that detail at first.

Right after booting you really should be able to review your boot messages with dmesg. While the dmesg on my servers typically goes empty after awhile, I've never had any problem reviewing kernel output from a fresh boot using the dmesg command.

Is /var/run/dmesg.boot populated correctly? What kinds of things are in the -a output? Same results booting with or without network attached? (asking because busy network w/ lots of system messages seems to be what's flushing the buffer for me).

Anybody else got suggestions? Kernel troubleshooting's not really my favorite thing, and as such my expertise in that area is close to /dev/null.

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