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I've been given a company laptop which is ok but they dont supply data cards. Instead I have been given a 0845 number to dial when at a place with no Internet.

Instead I would like to use my mobile to dial my home phone number which is not 0845 therefore included in the thousands of free minutes that I get each month.

The only thing that is on in my house is the Freebsd server so how can I set this up to use the dial up modem to answer the phone and connect it to the Internet through the ADSL it is plugged into.

I've googled but as I dont know what this type of software is called I didn't find much. Anyone know of any software that will do this?

The software you want is called FreeBSD, and as luck would have it it's already installed on your server. You just need to configure it to do what you want.

Plug a standard home phone jack into a standard external modem and plug that into a serial port on the home server, or use an internal modem card that is NOT a software modem (a.k.a. a "Winmodem"). Configure the server to offer a PPP or SLIP connection when the modem is dialed into, and walla! You just became your own dialup ISP. The server is probably already configured as a network gateway with NAT capabilities; if not you'll need that configured too.

There is more to it than that, of course, but further detail may be specific to your hardware and circumstances. Anyway, you can probably find just about everything you need to know about it in the FreeBSD Handbook and/or the Web site's articles on home networking.

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