I have motherboard SocketA ECS K7-terminator - it's a PCCHIPS M848A
V5.0(SIS746FX+SIS963). I need run on this mother 6.1-STABLE
system. When is running system, not work PCI devices. When i run
system, print message:
| acpi0: <AMIINT SIS740XX> on motherboard
| panic:AcpiOsDerivePciId unable to initialise pci bus
and reboot. When i'm boot with acpi disable, pciconf -lv and
PCI/AGP devices not works(COM-ports too). Many versions bios's i'm
probed - official/not official(cheepo), from compatible motherboards -
not works.
Help me! Maybe upgrade to -CURRENT is fix this problem or not?

Andrey Slusar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
              <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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