A brief:

How to use "envelope from" provided that I have a mailbox on ISP.

A full explanation:

My computer has no static IP-address, nor DNS-name in Internet.
Internally, it has static name "localhost" and static IP-address

So, I have a mail address "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".
But I cannot send a mail to the world using this address in "envelope from"
because of
1) Internet MTAs cancel mail whith such an address in "envelope from";
2) such an address is useless to recipient.

My address in the world is "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".
So, I make my MUA to send a letter using a command
setting "envelope from" to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]".
sendmail -f [EMAIL PROTECTED]
for sendmail, see "X-Authentication-Warning" in the header of this mail)
But this way is bad for local purposes: my MTA's diagnostic messages are sent
trough internet or lost at all, e. g. when my ADSL is in down.
(Moreover, my letters sent to other local users have non-local "envelope from"
address. Then local mail begin to go through external MTA.)

What to do in such a situation?

In principle, I can write a ruleset (in sendmail.cf by hand)
for my sendmail to rewrite
"envelope from" in outgouing mail from "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" to "[EMAIL 
and to leave it unchanged in local mail.

But I think this is not a good solution, is it?

I use sendmail 8.13.6 on FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE,
but the problem depends not on MTA nor on OS.

Elisej Babenko
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