Frank Bonnet wrote:

> I'm searching for a centralized quota printing solution that would run
> over CUPS or LPRNG , I've reviewed pyquota but it doesn't fit our needings.
> Ideally it could use a SYBASE database system as backend as we have a
> server ...

This is one of the admin tasks that almost always cause headache. I
think the standard solution is to hack up some Perl script that suits
your needs.

For LPRng, you might want to take a look at ifhp for a start. It doesn't
do accounting but it may be useful to get every job into a particular
format so you can count pages in that.

I once made a script that counted pages in ps-files using the page
separation tag in the code and rejected everything that didn't seem
enough PostScript like.

Once you have your Perl to count, you can do pretty much anything you
like with the numbers. And there is a Sybase DB driver for Perl.

Cheers, Erik
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