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On Sun, June 4, 2006 11:54, Richard Collyer wrote:
> bill hunt wrote:
>> dear webmaster.
>> My name is Bill Hunt and I'm interested in purchsing your site.
>> the price is nagotiable and I'm willing to pay as much as we can agree
>> on.
>> please let me know if it's ok by you and we'll start nagotiating.
>> yours,
>> Bill
> Wow. Microsoft in a if you can't beat 'em buy 'em. From Bill
> scared...very scared!
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No, guys. All of *you* who responded to this mail failed to realize that
this is a spam message, and that it is most probably just an alternative
scam to the nigerian stuff.

No. They all realized it. That is why the responses were so silly - such as the one included above. No-one took it seriously. Of course
it does serve to verify Email addresses for anyone who responds which
is what the spammer wants.


Jerry, if I ran a spam trap you can bet I'd have used that address to
reply. I'd also arrange to sound rather naive, foolish, and upset while
doing so. Of course, I could get a little dig in that people from
Ann Arbor would not be carrying on the way you are about it. But I'll
be nice and not post anything. Flames aren't worth it. (Of course, on
a Fedora group I might do differently.....)

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