At 01:34 PM 6/7/2006 +0300, you wrote:
Try to comment the line natd_enable="YES" and then add
a new line at the end of rc.conf:

/etc/rc.d/natd start

Well, that looks like it would work. I'll keep it in mind as a last resort.

if this doesn't work, try to put

I'll give it a try. Of course, that's already the entry in /etc/defaults/rc.conf.

in your rc.conf and plesase check your ipfw rule for nat
it should be something like this:

(with natd_flags="")
ipfw -q add divert natd all from any to any via your_public_interface

Got it. I already checked 'ipfw show' and that's the very first rule.

Good luck!!


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