A server of mine is running 6.1/amd64 with 1GiB of RAM.
From time to time swap use will grow enormously and performance will suffer from this; also the nightly clamav run will not complete, as the process will get killed due to lack of swap space. The day after I'll look into top and see this two processes are the largest ones:
  672 snort          1 -58    0  4007M 62344K bpf    0   8:53  0.00% snort
  669 snort          1 -58    0   323M 29704K bpf    1   1:45  0.00% snort

I kill them and start them again; I get:

10295 snort          1 -58    0 81708K 66432K bpf    0   0:01 12.38% snort
10283 snort          1 -58    0 81704K 66368K bpf    0   0:01  5.77% snort

However swap utilization will drop from 4095/4096 MiB to 136/4096 MiB.

Is this normal?
Does the size figure in top only show physical RAM usage?
Or is only swap space reclaimed after the process gets killed?

 bye & Thanks
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