Nick wrote:

What is it you are actually trying to do? Read the tape? Write

something to it?  Perform backups?  Without that basic information it's
hard to actually help.

I try to build reserve copy of information on it actually I want read
and write information on it

And what format is this information in?

If it had been tar'ed to the tape you would say something like:
   tar -tv -f /dev/sa0
to list the contents and
   tar -xv -f /dev/sa0
to extract.

But if it had been written with, say, dd then something like

   dd if=/dev/sa0 of=/your/output/file

might do to read it, but you'd probably want to set a blocksize with e.g. bs=32k or bs=64k but that depends on how the tape was written.

So how was the tape written?


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