Mayo, Richard A RDECOM CERDEC STCD SRI wrote:
I'm setting up a FreeBSD box for the first time, so naturally I have a bunch of 
questions.  I'm sure these are addressed on the web somewhere, but I'm not 
having any luck finding anything so here goes:

What file controls the way Xwindows sets up after I log on?  I got the 
graphical login screen, but now I want to start Xwindows with kde rather than 

Just about anything that has to do with user login can be set both globally and for the individual user.

You didn't by any chance take a look at the FreeBSD handbook? There is a whole section on it, 5.6:

/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm/Xsession      Default session script for logins.

This is the default session script for XDM to run after a user has logged in. Normally each user will have a customized session script in ~/.xsession that overrides this script.

If you take a look in the above file you will see that it starts twm, this is default behaviour. You can edit the file to start some other window manager as default or you can override by setting you choice in your own ~/.xsession

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