As the subject says I am creating and manipulating wav files of audio 
tap recordings.  The extent of manipulation is to join sides A & B into 
one file and do some noise reduction cleanup, and write the file in wav 

then attempting to write the file to cd with cdrecord
cdrecord -v -eject speed=12 -pad -audio  file.wav results in the 
following error.

  cdrecord: Inappropriate audio coding

Googling on the error gets me this "solution" 
  After some poking around I found that these files are often mono (one
  channel) and that the following conversion makes them writable by both
  cdrecord and xcdroast: 

  > sox infile.wav -c 2 outfile.wav split

Can someone explain the problem behind thise solution as I'd much rather 
fix this in writing the file from audacity.


Joe Sotham

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