joe wrote:
As the subject says I am creating and manipulating wav files of audio tap recordings. The extent of manipulation is to join sides A & B into one file and do some noise reduction cleanup, and write the file in wav format.

then attempting to write the file to cd with cdrecord
cdrecord -v -eject speed=12 -pad -audio file.wav results in the following error.

cdrecord: Inappropriate audio coding

can you play them with wavplay? How do they sound? If they're mono, do you want to immortalize them on CDs? I just made that mistake . . . 6 times.

I don't know a lot about, just what I've managed to pick up in the past week or so, but I wonder if the file headers are correct for what you want to do. gramofile's extracts, for example, makde cdrecord/cdrdao complain, but once they're processed/filtered, all is well.

I'd suggest gramofile to capture the audio unless there's a compelling reason to use audacity: you can always edit in audactity later.

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