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I've been doing a little hunting around to figure out
how /etc/rc.d/natd's called in the first place and it seems
this is done by the /etc/rc.d/ipfw script, which in turn is run
when "firewall_enable" is set
in /etc/rc.conf. /etc/rc.d/natd's not run directly
by /etc/rc due to its having the "nostart" KEYWORD.

Is IPFW definitely launched correctly on the system?

Definitely. After I reboot I entered 'ipfw show' and it displayed the ruleset it's using. The first rule (actually number 0050) is 'divert 8668 ip4 from any to any via ed1'. Hmmm. Only 'ip4'? I have ip6 enabled, too, although as far as I know I only deal with ip4. Something new to research.

Otherwise, perhaps it's worthwhile chucking a debug echo or two
about the place (for instance, in /etc/rc.d/natd and /
or /etc/rc.d/ipfw) and rebooting. Something like this should do
the trick, I believe: "echo && echo && echo && echo
'/etc/rc.d/natd' && echo && echo && echo" (without the outer

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Well, I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.


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