Pat Maddox wrote: runs a server on port 1234 should connect to this

Both of them have PF rulesets that block off most traffic, keeping
open the publically available ports I need open.  In this case though,
any traffic over this port should only be between these two machines.
I've tried to set this up, but I keep getting operation not permitted,
connection refused, and connection reset by peer errors.  Thanks for
any info.

It's quite difficult to tell which rule catches your packets without the ruleset. Try this:

1) Add "log" to all block rules
2) Check you have keep state in pass rules
3) Check you have quick in your pass rules

If you have a default block policy, then you should generally have quick in pass rules or you might have packets marked for passing being caught later by a block rule.

I generally prefer having the default policy at top without quick, and then set quick on rules taking an explicit action.

Cheers, Erik

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