A couple questions about OO.  
        But: nutshell that I've wanted to know for months:: is there
        some automagic way of having OO print in "reverse-page" mode?
        And: Is there a way of auto paragraph indenting 5 spaces?

        Every time I edit a file I have to by-hand indent ever bloody
        paragraph.   And godforbid I forge to hit the "reverse" thing
        in the Print "Options".  --Somehow, OO refers to use US Letter
        pagesize; I don't know why it can't remember the reverse-print.

        Until today I thought that the Template section let the user set
        up the default font, indenting, reverse-print, and so on.  But
        I've clicked right, left, midddle mouse-buttons; I've tried to drag
        icons,; I've highlighted paragraphs, and after hours , I admit
        failure.   AFAIC, the Help files could use vast improvement by use
        of graphs and examples.  ...

        If anybody  on-list has figured this out before and will share 
        I'll be extremely obliged.    

        merci d'advanc,


        PS: OOo-1.1.5. FBSD 5.5.

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