Derek Jander wrote:
> Hi all! I'm considering to migrate my HP nx9030 from Windows XP
> Professional
> to *nix OS since almost all the servers I'm administering right now have
> some Linux flavour installed. I was about to install fedora when some
> firend
> told me about FreeBSD. I just tested it on a Virtual Machine and it looks
> great. My doubt now, is if it will be very difficult to make it work on my
> machine. I really need the internal modem, and of course the Wireless and
> stuff... And I can't be dealing with it for months.... Anyone who had
> already installed FBSD on that sistem (HP nx9030) could post any comment?
> Any help will be appreciated.

If you need help with a particular piece of hardware, better specify the
chipset of that rather than the model of the laptop. There are two
things for you to do:

1) check the hardware compatibility list for the version you plan to
install, ie:

2) Try one of the available live cd's. Unfortunately they are usually
based on one of the older releases, but if it works then you can be
quite certain that it will also work with the latest release.

Hope that helps, Erik

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