On Sun, 11 Jun 2006, NgD Vulto wrote:

2006/6/11, Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

On Jun 11, 2006, at 3:07 PM, NgD Vulto wrote:

> I just hate when it happens.
> I am here on tty1, then I go to tty2...3...and It's ok, but if I keep
> changing the tty, sometimes when I change the tty it freezes, my
> screen gets
> black, and my cpu leds start to blink.
> Specially when I am on X and I want to go to some tty1.
> There are systems that have a "sleep" function which when pressed
> the sleep
> button of the keyboard it waits the "wake up" button to wake up, it
> seems to
> me like it's sleeping, but the wake up button doesn't work, neither I
> pressed the sleep button.
> I was using the FeeBSD 6.0 and I thought it was a bug, but now I am
> using
> the freebsd 6.1 and It still bothers me.
> Somehow I believe I did not lose the system's control, I believe
> it's just
> waiting me to call it up again, just don't know how, and I wonder
> why it
> happens.
> If I wasn't too clear, ask me anything and I can make it clear :)
> PS: My computer is new and it's all ok, I do use linux also and I
> had never
> any kind of problem like that there, I'm totally sure It's not my
> hardware,
> when I say I am totally sure, I really mean it.
> :)

Hardware specs? Computer maker (if there is one)?

What do you mean with "computer maker" ?

Dude, I repeat, it has nothing to do with my hardware, I have a semprom 2.6GHZ.

512 MB (memory) 60gb (hd) ...and It happened to my old computer also, but I
upgraded to my semprom.

It's something about the tty, because it never happened out of there, just
when I change the tty so much...


'Dude', it may very well have to deal with who makes your motherboard and how 
it is supported in FreeBSD. Don't assume that since you have an AMD chipset you 
are unaffected and just because you don't have problems in one OS, doesn't mean 
that your problems will be universally unexistent in all OSes.

If and when you are asking a question hardware related, it is helpful if you 
provide information on this list as to what hardware you have, what version of 
FreeBSD you are running (uname -a does the trick), and some information as to 
what you have compiled into your kernel (linking to another site with your 
kernel conf is the best way to deal with that issue).

So, again... (and a bit more defined/directed this time in my question, I 
admit), do you know who makes your motherboard and also are you sure that the 
BIOS is completely updated?


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