Pavel Duda wrote:
Justin T. Wert wrote:
To Whom It May Concern:

          Are there any plans to release a DVD version of all 3 of your
media CDs combined? I tried searching the web on how to combine the media into one DVD, but have failed to find a site that has a working method. My
personal attempts have the same issue, where it asks for "disc 2" even
though the files are available on the DVD. Do you know a procedure to do
this correctly, or have DVD release available?

I guess that difference between creating DVD image and CD image(s) shouldn't be so big. At least I can't see any limitation when you use same steps for building custom installation CDs (like the old one for r4 Most steps should be same for later versions. Only point where you will be requested to insert second CD is when you are installing some packages and you have incorrect INDEX file.


 Thank you in advance,

Justin T. Wert


Ha, someone (apologies for anonymizing you) just posted this one
or did you already try it?

(apologies for anonymizing you, someone)


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