Greetings fellow BSD enthusiast.   Can you let me know how to persue the
following question, in the event that it has already been posted and
answered.  I am interested in attaching a DVD-RAM drive to an Intel
computer with FreeBSD operating system.  The computer has a S.C.S.I. board,
and Panasonic makes a drive that attaches to a S.C.S.I. board.  Panasonic
offers no device drivers for FreeBSD.  Has anyone else tried to do this?
Is a device driver available?  Can the proposed arrangement work with a
default S.C.S.I. driver?  Could such a device be made bootable? Any advice
is appreciated.  [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm no SCSI or or DVD-RAM expert, but I think I can answer some of your

For reading, the DVD-RAM should look like a CD-ROM to the SCSI system.
Whether or not there is a driver is something you can check at the
hardware list on Even if there isn't a specific driver,
it _might_ work anyway, if it's pretty standard in its design.

As far as writing to the device, there are no drivers that I know of.
However, FreeBSD has a spiffy SCSI passthru system that allows software
to directly control SCSI devices: this is how cdrecord works. Last I
checked, cdrecord did work for many DVD burners, but you couldn't get
the DVD capable version for free, you had to purchase it. That's been
almost a year, so things may have changed, but there's a point for you
to start researching.

Good luck,

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