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Has anyone been successful with using Verizon Wireless on FreeBSD. I
have read where the PC5740 card has been successfully used on Linux
claiming 160mbps with a ohci-hcd module. If that's true, I was
thinking this should be possible on FreeBSD. I have a mix of Darwin
and FreeBSD and it seems more likely that FreeBSD would be the better
bet since the linux module might run as is. Hate to put the money out
and find out differently. Has anyone tried this?

I have a bit of experience running these cards on OSX (10.4) and was
impressed.  The basic connection procedure (via the Verizon GUI) is to
load the driver to the card, bring up a ppp interface which
authenticates with the Verizon service (I assume that this a basic ppp
authentication script).  IP, routing, dns is doled out to the host
after auth.  i would suspect that authentication is tied to a uniq ID
based on the card (probably not the MAC address from what I could tell
though).  You may need a compatible device to unlock the card
intitally (Mac or NT).  I will be getting some more of these in soon
and hopefully wil have time to test them out on my 6.1 laptop....


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