Thanks for all your comments everyone.

   The FreeBSD version 6.1 was downloaded (ISO image) from the production
release page (some mirror site).

My PC is a Pentium 4 (915G) , 512MB sdram, 128MB video memory, Maxtor SATA
HDD, OS -  (Windows (C:), Linux (/,swap), BSD(/,swap,tmp,var,usr). The FS
selected was UFS2.

   Also the packages selected were "X packages + all the normal stuff"

   Next comes the screen, where it asks do I want to commit the partitions.
I hit yes and it aborts.


On 6/15/06, Eric Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

John S wrote:
> Hi,
>    I am trying to install FreeBSD on my machine which already has
> XP, SUSE Linux 10.1.
> After partitioning and selecting the installation packages; as soon as i
> hit
> the button to start install; it says "/dev/X" not found and aborted the
> install. I am trying to install from CD. What is the problem?
>   BTW this is the first time I am trying to install FreeeBSD or for that
> matter any flavour of BSD. But I am ok with Linux installtions.

Can you report the actual /dev/* it warns about?  What kind of system is
it?  Also - you might try a FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE CD instead of -CURRENT,
as -CURRENT is considered 'beta', and any -RELEASE should be stable.


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