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Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 4:13 AM
Subject: Re: ppp on freebsd 4.7 - disable ccp?

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> Subject: ppp on freebsd 4.7 - disable ccp?
> > If I'm reading this logfile right trying to negotiate compression levels
> > kills my connection.
> > I got the connection working on windows by disabling software
> > Dns is static,
> > so it's defined in resolv.conf. No ipv6 thank you
> >
> > (This is a GPRS connection, that's why the odd dial-in number and low
> > speed)
> ><CLIP - Let's save a little bandwidth>

> Since you didn't ask a question, I assume you wanted to ask "how can I
> disable software compression on FreeBSD"?
> The answer is to add "disable vjcomp" to your ppp.conf file.
> --
> Matt Emmertno

Sorry. What I meant to ask is how to disable compression control protocol,
not only vj compression(tried disabling vjcomp, but my link still dies after
"LCP: deflink: -- Protocol 0x80fd (Compression Control Protocol) was
rejected!"). The problem might be something else than ccp, but the link dies
everytime at the same point

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