> At 10:42 AM -0500 6/17/06, Nikolas Britton wrote:
>>What kind of ATI card is this?
> There's a label on what's probably an E-PROM that says
>   PCI MACH32
>   113-23000-110
>   (C) 1995
>>... Here's a wild guess: it might be the
>>DRI/DRM crap, disable it, in xorg.conf, and try again:
>>Section "Module"
>>        Load  "extmod"
>>        Load  "glx" <-----
>>        Load  "dri" <-----
>>        Load  "dbe"
>>        Load  "record"
>>        Load  "xtrap"
>>        Load  "type1"
>>        Load  "freetype"
> I commented out those two lines. It still fails.
> FWIW: the card worked with FreeBSD 5.3.
> --

ATI cards with X Windows are a bit of a pain. As I understand it, ATI have
not released their specs etc so that any X driver is reverse engineered.
NVIDA does provide drivers which do work. I have an old MACH32 in a server
and could only get it to work as using the Vesa drivers. It runs at
1024x768, but I was not too bothered as the machine after setting up runs

My advice is try the VESA drivers if that fails try and change to NVIDA.


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