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Micah wrote:

Matthew Navarre wrote:

I've got an AMD Sempron machine running FreeBSD 6.0 that's been experiencing random panics while trying to build world. In fact it just paniced now, with no activity.

The panic message is TPTE at 0xbfc20624 IS ZERO @ VA 08100000
bad pte

This started last night while I was portupgrading ruby and I got random apps segfaulting, mostly gcc, so I suspected bad memory. I installed new memory today, tried to buildworld. And *BAM* panic: bad pte

I'm still guessing that this is a hardware problem, and not software but I'm not sure. If anyone can give me a clue I'd appreciate it.

Yup, looks like a bad memory slot along with a bad stick of RAM. I switched slots and installed a known-good stick of RAM and was able to build world. So I need to get the mainboard replaced, but at least it's not falling over in a stiff breeze.

Stupid hardware.

Thanks, guys

As well as the things mentioned, it could also be a bad memory slot (rather than chip), so try with one chip in one slot; if it still fails, one chip in another slot; if it fails another chip in one slot etc. It could be a combination :-(


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