On Jun 19, 2006, at 12:11 PM, Tamouh H. wrote:

On Jun 19, 2006, at 10:12 AM, Elliot Finley wrote:

Port:   aaccli-1.0
Path:   /usr/ports/sysutils/aaccli
Info:   Adaptec SCSI RAID administration tool
WWW:    http://support.dell.com/

Never tried it but it looks like your best bet.

Yes, I saw this too.  Doesn't work on 6.x though because of the
MAKEDEV requirement.

I am not running the Dell version but the "actual" generic
adaptec Linux version with the Linux compat stuff installed
and it works fine with 6.0.  You should be able to Google and
see what people did to make it work.  And the same thing
probably? should work with the Dell version?


The aaccli works only with certain Adaptec firmware. If the adaptec card has the newest firmwares (I believe the ones in April + ), the aaccli will not work.

Official Adaptec stand as it appears that they don't have storage management on FreeBSD.

I use the Linux aaccli in Linux compat mode.

Are Adaptec saying that they also don't support Linux? I am not running any FreeBSD native aaccli as it was recommended to me long ago to run the Linux one as it had more capability than the FreeBSD one, which was abandoned it seems.

Btw, I updated my 2200S to the latest in May but the latest for this card is from 2005 so maybe it is not late enough.


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