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           I have recently been thinking about adding content filtering to
my FreeBSD fire wall at home as the kids are starting to use the internet
more and they are getting older too ;-)

I'm running FreeBSD 4.11 RELEASE using IPFW as my firewall. The system its
running on is an old alpha machine. I was wondering if anyone knew of a port
that I could use to filter some web content from my children. I do have the
X86 option as well Just have to reload the OS and start from scratch on
another system.




Check out dansguardian and squid

working together these to programs can filter your internal web traffic redirecting "inappropriate" requests to another site.

Dansguardian works on a blacklist basis that is heavily categorized.

you can block by site url, words/phrases in the url, and even by web site content (thats where the squid part comes in, squid is a proxy server and pre-caches the site so the system can read the content of the url if needed.)

the base blacklist is downloadable once for free (from another web site) after the once you are encouraged to register with a fee from which you derive the right to download incremental updates so you can keep your blacklists up to date.

Both DG and Squid are in ports.

Have fun.

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