When running ldconfig, it saves the information in the 
/var/run/ld-elf.so.hints file, and I assume that ld should then know
where libraries are located, since they are in this cache file.  So when
running: ld -lexpat, why did ld not know the location of the expat
library, when it is in the cache (hints) file?
Justin Hopper
UNIX Systems Engineer
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In the last episode (Jan 03), Justin Hopper said:
> Hmmm, I guess I just assumed that since ldconfig had cached the
> absolute path to the library, ld would not need to know the library
> path as well, but for some reason it did.
> What ultimately fixed the problem was hardcoding the -L
> /usr/local/lib in the configure script, since it refused to pick up
> that directory any other way.
> Thanks for your help.  As a point of curiosity, I'd still like to
> know why ld would still need the -L /usr/local/lib if the full path
> to the library is already in the cache?

what cache?  ld and the run-time linker are separate entities and share
no inrofmation.

        Dan Nelson
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