Hello all,

I'm looking at what I think is the right answer.. but can't make sense of it..

basically I have a couple of mailservers that run exim and dnscache, all being called out of daemontools.

but I can't seem to figure out how to make svscan start first..

# PROVIDE: svscan

this is what is in the svscan.sh file ..

so um.. how does it work?

I understand what it is supposed to do from the man page.. but I can't figure out how to actually tweak/tune it..

I also have another box with dansguardian and squid.. and dansguardian depends on squid but because d comes before s, dansguardian starts first, fails then squid starts.. and I've tried to use rcorder to fix that problem and can't seem to make that happen.

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