I am a published author many times over with more commercial
copyrights on material than I believe you will ever have, and I
know much of copyright law, as any author does.

  I am requesting that you kindly blow this out your ass.

  In any infringement case it is the responsibility of the
copyright holder to take infringement action against the infringer.
It is not your responsibility as wannabe gadfly to attempt to
insert yourself into this.  This is between the author - which
you have identified as Brett - and the infringer - which you
have identified as houfug.org.  Not yourself - unless you are
indentifying yourself as copyright holder or infringer.

  As the other poster said this has nothing to do with the list
and you need to drop it.  I am sure Brett is thankful that you
have identified an infringement against his copyright.  Once you
have done so it is time for you to step aside and let Brett decide
what he wants to do about it.  If Brett does not take the kind of action
against the infringer that you wish, and the infringer does not
respond in a fashion you wish, then that is too bad and
you may kindly butt out.


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>On 6/18/06, Dennis Olvany <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I had a look at
>http://www.houfug.org/help/install_freebsd.htm and I am
>> afraid that you will find this article is not eligible for
>copyright. It
>> constitutes neither an artistic nor literary work. The article conveys
>> only facts and facts are not eligible for copyright.
>I'm afraid you're incorrect.  The work in question is indeed
>under the Berne Convention, which many countries have ratified,
>the United States, where the content is hosted.  The United
>States, as well
>as many other countries, also have national laws which allow
>this work to be
>It's also important to note that HouFUG clearly believes the work can be
>copyrighted, since they have included a copyright notice on the
>page.  This
>implies tremendous bad faith:  regardless of whether or not the
>article is
>copyrightable (it is), they have removed any reference to the
>true owner and
>have claimed it as their own.
>This is not acceptable behaviour.
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