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On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Jahilliya wrote:

Ok, aac is in the dmesg.

I can see both 2820sa cards in the dmesg, and I see no errors, etc. -
there are just no drives listed in dmesg.

My setup is 8 500 Gb drives in a single raid-6 array, size ~2.8TB. Any
problems with that ?  Perhaps sysinstall cannot deal with a >2TB drive
? There are no other drives in the system besides the single 2.8TB raid 6
array ...

Have you got any other drives you can attach to the raid?

If so, disconnect the 8 drives connected, connect up a couple that are
not part of the raid and configure them as a simple raid 1 and see if
the installers sees that raid. Or try any combination in drives to
bring the raid size down below 2TB (I'm sure this limitation has been

Ok, the answer is that it has not been fixed.

6.1 sysinstall does in fact see both 2820sa controllers, and when I put in a single 160GB sata drive, it does see that single drive and I can install
onto it, etc.

Sysinstall does _not_ see my 2.7TB raid6 array. I suspect that if it were
smaller than 2TB, it would see it correctly.

I have a number of options with which to deal with this, all of which
involve either wasting money or wasting disk space.  Fantastic.

Right - FreeBSD doesn't recognize >2TB LUNs.

Wrong on several counts. First, the AAC driver does not present arrays to the system as SCSI LUNs. The traditional 2TB limit with 12 byte CDB
issue simply doesn't exist with this driver.  Second, the FreeBSD SCSI
layer knows how to issue 16 byte CDBs to access >2TB, assuming that the
target understands the 16-byte protocol.  So no, there is no 2TB limit
inherent to FreeBSD.  The only limit is with individual drivers and with


Scott, thanks for correcting me on this. I was under the (false) impression that this was a FreeBSD SCSI issue, not a driver issue. I had tried this with QLogic fiber (fabric) storage in the past, and had issues, so I incorrectly thought that the information I had was true.

Is it difficult to make drivers (such as the qlogic isp driver) handle >2TB devices?


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