On 6/20/06, Michael P. Soulier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 20/06/06 Andy Reitz said:

> I believe that ia64 refers to the Itanium port of FreeBSD, and I'm not
> sure of the i386 version will install on Itanium. Are you referring to the
> AMD64/EMT-64 port of FreeBSD?

It's a 64-bit P4. My i386 5.4 install works fine.

IA64 = Itanium, Itanium2 = FreeBSD/ia64
EM64T = Intel CPUs with AMD64 (P4, Xeon, etc.) = FreeBSD/amd64
AMD64 = Opteron, Athlon 64, Turion 64, Sempron 64 = FreeBSD/amd64


Why do you need to run in 64-bit mode?

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