> i know there is something you can put on the socket to measure how much
> current is being drawn... but i was wondering if there was some utility
> that i could install on my server to measure the power usage for the
> server?  i'd like to make a chart to see if this device is really
> impacting the electricity bill.

You can find out the worst-case scenario by hand:

1) Take the wattage of the power supply of the system (ie P = 300W)
2) Determine the amount of time this server operates per month (ie t = 24
hours x 31 days = 744 hours)
3) Compute kWh:  P / 1000 * t = 300 / 1000 * 744 = 223.2 kWh

In my neck of the woods, electricity costs 4.9 cents per kWh, so my one
server costs me $11.16/month to run.

Of course, you should also take into account the power used by things like
monitors, printers, and network equipment.

Matt Emmerton

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