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On 21/06/06 Nikolas Britton said:

> IA64 = Itanium, Itanium2 = FreeBSD/ia64
> EM64T = Intel CPUs with AMD64 (P4, Xeon, etc.) = FreeBSD/amd64
> AMD64 = Opteron, Athlon 64, Turion 64, Sempron 64 = FreeBSD/amd64
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EM64T
> Why do you need to run in 64-bit mode?

I'm asking that myself. I'd like to do comparisons with and without 64-bit

The consensus seems to be that FreeBSD/amd64 is a tad slower then
FreeBSD/i386 because it has to deal with 32 extra bits. The primary
reason to use FreeBSD/amd64 seems to be if you need greater then 4GB
of RAM.

This should give you the speed boost your looking for:
CFLAGS+= -mtune=nocona
COPTFLAGS+= -mtune=nocona

Put that in /etc/make.conf and recompile ports/kern/world.

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