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On Tuesday 20 June 2006 19:48, Derrick Ryalls wrote:
> Greetings,
> i was wondering if anyone had a good tool recommendation for creating
> DVD movies with FreeBSD.  Since I have a child growing up, it is
> appealing to me to make a copy of their favorite DVD and burn it so
> they can handle the copy, not the original (legal to make backup
> copies).  I also was thinking it could be handy to author my own dvds,
> but that might not be for a while.
> So far, I can use mplayer to get the DVD to an avi file, but I can't
> find anything to get it back onto a dvd.  I have tried dvdauthor, but
> the app kept crashing.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

What you need is tovid. (/usr/ports/multimedia/tovid).

This link... 

...gives some very basic instructions, but read the manpages for all the
options. It's three steps from avi to dvd.
1) tovid converts the avi to mpeg,
2) makexml produces an xml script to feed into makedvd and
3) makedvd splits the mpeg into all the TS_VIDEO/VOBs and whatnots and can 
leave with with either a raw directory structure, an ISO file, or burn it 
straight to dvd for you.

Sure God created the world in only six days,
but He didn't have an established user-base.

Does this app only do AVI to MPEG?

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