I have a client that has been using entunnel for the longest time to do an SSH tunnel into their vServer ... we've recently begun upgrading to FreeBSD 6.x, and entunnel is no longer working (upgraded from FreeBSD 4.x) ...

Apparenty, bitvise.com's tunnelier has the same problem ...

The way the client describes how entunnel used to work for them:

"entunnel was great - i never had to think about it. it just worked, all the time, automatically - came up at startup as a service and just sat in the system tray."

Without having to downgrade their OpenSSH to the same version as was on FreeBSD 4.x (bad option!), is there something that I can look at on the FreeBSD 6.x OpenSSH to fix the problem? Maybe some backwards compatibility mode?

Thanks ...

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