On 6/22/06, Nikos Vassiliadis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Thursday 22 June 2006 10:22, Björn König wrote:
> Remington L schrieb:
> > I have two servers, exact same hardware, exact same version of
> > in this case 4.10. When I run pkg_add blah.tbz on one machine, it
> > between
> > 2-8 hours, on the other 8-10 minutes. These machines are quad-Intel
> > 2.8Xeons, with 4GB of memory.
> >
> > Ive done everything from running make world, to md5ing pkg_add, bzip2,
> > and tar, there identical.
> >
> > I noticed on the one thing, on the machine that takes forever, bzip2
> > only
> > using 1-3% load, while the other, which does work, takes 100%. I have
> > compiled into the kernel, well actually, there both using the exact
> > kernconf.

What about the default nice levels, what is top reporting the nice levels
are on both the servers?

Are other processes hogging the CPU?

Have profiles been modified at all on either machine? (/etc/login.conf)

Try doing nice -n -19 pkg_add ......

Monitor iostat -c99999 diskdev to see what speed they're reading from the
disk at....
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