From: Mike Hogsett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

portmap is also required for NIS.
True, and it says so in the handbook, which is the point I was trying
to make.

Speaking for myself, at least, following the handbook to the letter
got NIS working just fine.


> >From: Adam Stroud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >
> >Since NIS uses RPC,
> >do I need to configure inetd.conf to allow RPC on the NIS server and
> >clients?
> >The handbook does not make any mention of editing the inetd.conf file.
> inetd doesn't handle RPC.
> Use the rc.conf settings suggested in the tutorial and the necessary rpc
> servers will be started at boot time by /etc/rc
> Once you've got everything running, you can use
> ps -ax | grep rpc
> to see what rpc servers were started.  I don't actually remember what's
> started for NIS, although I believe rpc.statd at least needs to run.
> -Bill

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