I will not call this a "bug", because usually when people cry bug they just
mean they did not understand a certain behavior. :)

Still, when I "su -l" to root from, say, the user "maintenance", and then
issue a "shutdown -p now", the shutdown message sent around does not appear
to come from "root", but from the underlying "maintenance" user:

shutdown: [pid 4184]
asarian-host: {root} %
*** FINAL System shutdown message from [EMAIL PROTECTED] ***
System going down IMMEDIATELY

(Uh-oh, there goes my uptime!) Should it be an anomaly, it would certainly
be one I can live with. :) For the sake of curiosity, though, why is the
shutdown message not being broadcasted from "root" in this case?


- Mark

        System Administrator Asarian-host.org

"If you were supposed to understand it,
we wouldn't call it code." - FedEx

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