Hi and thanks for your help in advance,

My problems with USB devices persists. The astute reader may remember.

The OS is FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE.

The problem, my USB devices and how to talk to them as serialdevices.

The devices show up when I run usbdevs, and again when plugged in and out.

Drivers load and all seems to be correct. Until I try to access the device.

There are no device entry's except, usbd and ugenN.

This make getting ppp to work with my usb modem a bit difficult.

Loading ucom does not fix the problem nor does umodem.

On the other hand the usb mouse runs perfectly, logitech, has its own driver.

I assumed and it appears incorrectly that the device entry's (/dev ) where 
created dynamical, with the now absence of the MAKEDEV in /dev. HELP please.

I am obviously doing something wrong!! 

I would appreciate replies direct getting the daily digests are difficult at 
the moment.

Regards and again thanks 



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